ExaOffice for Excel
Advanced functions for Accounting

ExaOffice's Accounting functions such as fully-automatic reconciliation, de-duplication and text extraction make dealing with accounting information a breeze

The ExaOffice installer does not normally require administrator privileges.
Like everything in ExaOffice - it just works

Excel for Accountants

Excel isn’t designed specifically for accountants, yet it’s used almost daily to help with accounting processes. ExaOffice has added the deep support that accountants and book keepers need to support their day-to-day tasks by adding a new ribbon with advanced features to Excel. ExaOffice for Excel 2017 is specifically designed to meet accounting needs.

Fast, accurate and easy to use. Streamline your workday.

ExaOffice - Excel functionality for Accounting


Easily transform textual information into usable data within Excel. Extract dates, lengths, and over 100 different pieces of data into sortable and manageable cells of data – all within seconds.


Find mis-categorised transactions, validate transaction amount ranges, reconcile and find duplicate transactions. ExaOffice makes Excel understand accounting transactions at a deep level.


Extract content from Word documents such as invoices, calculate various audit-related scores such as the Beneish M score, the Altman Z score, Benford’s law and others. Share spreadsheet sub-components with colleagues for improved re-use of knowledge.

ExaOffice is simple on the surface - but each function has a great deal of powerful functionality. Easily manipulate textual information such as transaction descriptions. Clean data up. Find duplicate data even when the data isn't identical. Validate transactions. Create percentage rate tables for tax or commissions. Create schedules and auto-calculate number of days - even with gaps in the schedule. Extract content from multiple Word files into Excel tables. Calculate audit scores.

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ExaOffice for Excel 2017 is compatible with all versions of Microsoft Office from 2010 to 2016. In addition is supports both modern 64 bit operating systems and 32 bit operating systems. Most PC's form the last 5 years are able to run ExaOffice.